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Tank Baffles

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Algae Control, Odor Containment and Thermal Retention

Algae Control Covers block ultra violet light to reduce total suspended solids.  Odor Control Covers capture offensive odors and volatile organic compounds. Thermal Covers increase biological reaction rates to enhance anaerobic digestion. Modular Structurally Supported Covers cost less and install quickly.




Thermal Retention, Algae Control, Odor Containment

Improve lagoon treatment performance with Environetics? new Defender™ Floating Cover. For lagoon performance, the best offense is a good defense. Defend your lagoon from UV light penetration to control algae growth. Defend your lagoon from evaporation and the release of fumes to contain odors. Defend your lagoon from low temperatures to maintain optimal treatment efficiency.





Flow Diversion Improves Lagoon Performance
Create Staged Treatment Cells to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).  A properly designed lagoon with baffles uses less power than an Activated Sludge System, reducing overall energy costs while increasing aerator efficiency. Floating Baffles eliminate short circuiting, increase retention time and maximize effective treatment area.





Create Staged Treatment Cells in your Tank
Install Tank Baffles in your wastewater tank to create aeration and mixing zones, separate anoxic zones and clarification areas from the rest of the tank, designate chlorine contact chambers and capture surface scum and debris.  No maintenance required and over 70 proven installations!





Increase Chlorine Contact Time while reducing Disinfection Byproducts

Eliminate short circuiting, increase retention time and meet Stage 1 DBP regulations by installing Baffles in your clearwell.  NSF-61 approved materials install quickly in existing and new facilities to save you money.





Environetics' spill containment berm, the eBerm?, is designed to protect your loading and unloading areas easily and economically.   Manufactured from tough industrial grade materials, the eBerm? spill containment barrier is impervious to a broad range of chemical and hydrocarbon materials.





Environetics' floating Oil Slick Booms are designed to be quickly deployed to contain spills at the source of the leak.  Constructed of tough thermoplastic and linked together with sturdy connections, Environetics' Boa Boom? is practical, reliable and easy to deploy.



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