About Us


Environetics produces innovative geomembrane baffle and cover products that provide practical solutions for improving water, wastewater, and air quality.

Environetics is committed to improving water quality through the development of products which help to solve industrial and municipal water and wastewater quality problems.

We have designed, developed, patented and manufactured many specialized products to solve liquid pollution problems. Our innovative environmental control products provide solutions to water and wastewater pollution issues while keeping quality, low cost and low maintenance as top priorities. Our goal of continually improving our products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations has strengthened our position as an industry leader in product quality, customer service, and dependability.

Environetics was founded in 1970 based on a commitment to protect the environment. We provide practical solutions for improving water, wastewater, and air quality to industrial and municipal clients. Our geomembrane baffles dramatically increase water treatment efficiency and our composite covers protect air quality while preventing detrimental biological growth.

Environetics maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service to ensure that our economical solutions achieve the performance objectives of project engineers, the execution concerns of installation contractors, and the product life cycle expectations of our clients. Decades of creative problem solving experience have generated innovative product designs that have advanced Environetics into a leadership role in the industry and an ambitious research and development program to find solutions to new problems ensures that we will continue to grow and succeed in our quest to protect the environment.


The vision of Environetics as a dynamic industry leader is providing innovative solutions that inspire people to protect our natural resources.

Environetics welcomes the opportunity to apply our unrivaled experience and practical solutions to assist you in your endeavor to improve our environment.


We are committed to solving your water quality needs.