Clearwell Baffles

Director III™ Clearwell Baffles

Eliminate short circuiting, increase retention time, and meet SDWA CT requirements.

Meet Safe Drinking Water Act Requirements

New surface Water Treatment Regulations may require modifications to your Clearwell to ensure adequate disinfection of the primary drinking water supply. Environetics Director III Clearwell baffles are engineered to upgrade the performance of new or existing Clearwell disinfection systems to meet the CT requirements contained in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Increase Retention Time

Environetics Director III Clearwell Baffles are designed to help you cost effectively meet the new treatment standards. Our system of flexible panels of reinforced synthetic rubber attach directly to new or existing Clearwell features - walls, floor, roof and columns - creating a barrier that diverts flow along an extended path. The greater distance the flow must travel increases detention time in the basin. The benefit is controlled detention time for predictable disinfection results!

NSF Standard 61 Certified Materials

Environetics uses a high quality potable grade XR®-3PW synthetic geomembrane material to guarantee compatibility with drinking water sources and ensure long term system performance. This field proven membrane material is polyester reinforced for excellent dimensional stability and structural integrity. This material is also NSF Standard 61 Certified for use in public drinking water supply systems.

Installation Flexibility

The flexible panel design of the Director™ III Clearwell Baffle System makes installation easy even in existing or new below grade structures. The panels roll or fold, permitting easy transportation through manways or inspection hatches, virtually eliminating costly structural modifications.

Fixed flow diversion curtains attached with a stainless steel perimeter anchoring system developed to meet disinfection requirements in public drinking water systems.



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