Tank Baffles

Director II™ Tank Baffles

Improves waste treatment. A quick, efficient, and satisfactory way to upgrade tank based waste treatment operations is to install a Director II System. The Director II system is designed specifically for tank based waste treatment operations. As regulations have tightened, flow diversion has become an important boost to waste treatment efficiency.

Custom Manufactured for New and Existing Tanks

Environetics’ Director II is custom manufactured to improve flow patterns in circular or rectangular tanks. The Director II flow diversion baffle system, effective in both new and in existing tanks, will give you the results you need.

Cost Effective

Ideal for creating a staged treatment process in an existing single stage operation. A multi-stage system can reduce power requirements and save energy costs. The Director II is a cost effective upgrade for activated sludge systems.

Some options include:
  • Creation of aeration or anoxic zone
  • Addition of chlorine contact chambers
  • Designation of mixing or clarification areas
  • Capture of surface scum

Fixed flow diversion panels with an integrated top structural member designed especially for installation in concrete or steel waste treatment tanks.



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